Alliance for Peacebuilding

The mission is to champion greater peacebuilding influence, impact, and innovation to avert wars, end violence, and save lives. Vision is a world where each person feels secure, dignified, and included; a world where people build peace and manage conflict without violence. “If we unite as peacebuilders, integrate with sectors beyond our field, prove our impact to policymakers and the public, and create a space for innovative practice, then we can anchor peacebuilding as the tool of first resort in managing conflict.”

Focus Areas

Policy & Advocacy: Global Fragility Act, Youth, Women, Locally-led peacebuilding

Material Support Partnerships

Campaigns Learning & Evaluation: Interreligious Peacebuilding &Dialogue, Track I/II and inclusive peace processes, Locally-led peacebuilding, Diversity, equity, and inclusion

country: United States 

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