Baraza e.V
Baraza is a non-profit organization established to promote an international mindset based on tolerance in all areas of culture, religion and understanding between nations. Baraza means “council” or “meeting place” in Swahili. A baraza can be an informal meeting or an official council. It is in this spirit that Baraza invests to create real-world encounters which build thriving partnerships around the world. Supported by our network of knowledgeable experts, Baraza envisions a future where transcultural and interfaith dialogue has influenced a new generation of people whose actions are grounded in human values.
Focus Areas
Religious literacy – training and education for government agencies, schools, corporations, and communities
Tolerance Understanding & Coexistence resources for children
UNITY – A high-quality life skills, confidence building, resiliency, and open thinking program for children and young people
country: germany
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