Middle East Women’s Leadership Network

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The Middle East Women’s Leadership Network (MEWLN) assists women in creating peace-promoting media. MEWLN helps develop strategic partnerships between peace actors, policymakers, security experts, creatives, and women of faith to create media-based projects for peace building purposes. Launched in 2013, the network convenes women change agents, encourages collaborative partnerships and challenges them to create a practical plan for media engagement. As result of our network gatherings, trainings, mentoring and follow up efforts, several innovative media projects have developed for the MENA region. www.mideastwomen.org.


  • Host media forums to provide peace-promoting media training.
  • Spotlight the needs and the contributions of women in peace building efforts.
  • Showcase media experts, innovations, & collaborations for the MENA region.
  • Emphasize story telling, branding and social media strategies to expand our peace outreach.
  • Explore important trends, exchange expertise, and encourage innovative media.
  • Develop focus groups that can research and respond to field driven initiatives.
  • Encourage participants to co-author goals.
  • Share critical trends, opportunities and document them for potential projects.
  • Partner together to create collaborative media projects.


As a result of networking, training and mentoring initiatives, participants have launched the following media projects:

  • Satellite TV Programs
  • Short Films
  • Book Projects
  • Radio Programs
  • Feature Length Films
  • Internet Projects

For more information, contact shirin@visualstory.org or www.mideastwomen.org