Network Publications

The Network’s work is based on in-depth, context sensitive, and up-to-date research.


Al Amana International
Cassandra Lawrence, Dr. Sara Singha, Najla Mangoush, and Rev. Douglas Leonard
Demystifying Religion in Mediation – Identifying gaps in training, knowledge and practice

Institute for Security Studies
Anneli Botha, Martin Ewi, Uyo Salifu and Mahdi Abdile
Understanding Nigerian citizens perspectives on Boko Haram

Institute for Security Studies
Martin Ewi and Uyo Salifu
Boko Haram and Violent Extremism Perspectives from Peacebuilders

Institute for Security Studies
Martin Ewi and Uyo Salifu
Money talks – A key reason youth join Boko Haram

Kosovar Center for Security Studies
Florian Qehaja, Skënder Përteshi and Mentor Vrajolli

Mapping the state of play of institutional and community involvement in countering violent extremism in Kosovo


Mahdi Abdile and Anneli Botha
Radicalisation and al-Shabaab recruitment in Somalia

Mir Mubashir and Luxshii Vimalarajah
Tradition- & Faith-Oriented Insider Mediators (TFIMs) in Conflict Transformation
Synopsis (English)
Synopsis (Arabic).


Antti Pentikäinen
Reforming UN mediation through inclusion of traditional peacemakers


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