Peace Support

The Network supports the engagement of faith- and tradition-oriented insider mediators and peacemakers in inclusive peace and peacebuilding processes. The work done in the Peace Support cluster emphasizes mediation, long-term peace initiatives, intra- and inter-faith dialogues, and capacity building as tools for conflict transformation. The focus of the work done in the cluster is to ensure that grassroots voices are heard and taken into consideration both at local as well as international levels.

To add to this, the Peace Support work done by the Network includes conflict analyses and mappings, technical consultations, capacity building initiatives, and the facilitation of dialogue processes.

CASE EXAMPLE: Marrakesh Declaration

The Marrakesh Declaration is a milestone for the rights of individuals to freely practice their religion in countries with a Muslim majority. The declaration was issued in January 2016 following a conference of over 300 Islamic leaders, ministers, muftis and religious scholars from more than 100 countries.

The declaration demonstrates the commitment of Muslim leaders to realise peaceful coexistence between different faiths in predominantly Muslim countries. It also calls for the leaders of other religions to support peace and equality in countries with Muslim minorities.

The Network Secretariat and partner organisations have been closely involved in the preparations of the declaration. The Network Secretariat has been requested to support the implementation of the declaration through concrete action.