Publication: Dialogue in Peacebuilding: Understanding Different Perspectives

Dialogue, as a process, is a fundamental component in ensuring successful peace and resolution. It brings together different community members, entities and/or governments to engage in various forms of communication to change the way people, especially those in conflict, communicate and think about one another.   

Dialogue in Peacebuilding: Understanding Different Perspectives, produced by the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, brings together scholars and practitioners to deepen understanding and awareness of dialogue as a critical aspect of – and as a tool – for peacebuilding. 

Network Secretariat Member, Edla Puoskari & former member, Alessandro Rossi, contributed the article, “Bridging Faith and Worldviews through Dialogue.” This article focuses on the diverse influences of religious and traditional actors and differing worldviews can have on conflict and peace. “In the context of this contribution, dialogue is understood as an exchange of views between two or more parties with the aim to build trust. Dialogue in itself does not often aim for a solution but aims to create enabling discussions that have positive impact in transforming conflicts and ensuring peaceful communication. Dialogue often requires the support of action-orientated approaches. This contribution focuses on dialogue within, between and across different faiths and worldviews with examples from across the globe.”

This document features articles by practitioners and scholars, who share their experiences, including successes and challenges, in working to promote listening and greater understanding between groups.

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30 October 2019