Youth Development Foundation (YDF)

Youth Development Foundaiton is a youth led organization formed in 2010 with a vision to promote diversity, interfaith harmony, and peaceful coexistence in those areas which are more prone to violence, hate, and religious discrimination. Since then, YDF expands to 28 districts across Punjab, KP, and Sindh regions of Pakistan. These range from mostly affected areas including Southern Punjab, and Interior Sindh. Currently, YDF has four offices in areas of Lahore (Head Office), Multan, Karachi and Faisalabad, 21 full time, and 4 part time employees. YDF has an outstanding diverse faith network of youth with strength of over 12,000 (4,580 female & 7,420 male) that includes university students, community youth, and madrassa students.

Focus Areas

Women, Peace and Security

Peacebuilding and Tolerance

Interfaith and Sectarian Harmony

Democracy, Civic Participation and Action

Conflict Management 

Youth Leadership and Empowerment

country: Pakistan 

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