Youth Empowerment and Leadership Initiative

(YELI – Burundi)

YELI-Burundi is a non-profit youth led-initiative that empowers young people on issues that affect their lives for positive change, peace and prosperity in the Burundi. It provides opportunities for young people to explore different leadership skills and develop their leadership potential. YELI-Burundi strives to inspire breakthroughs and timely catalysts for change in youths. Its work focuses on advocacy, conflict prevention and transformation, PVE/CVE, social cohesion, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, education and economic development. Our mission is to develop generations of young leaders and entrepreneurs capable at promoting peace, human rights and sustainable development. Our vision is to create a Burundian society where young people are the architects of peace, promotion of human rights and sustainable development.

Focus Areas

Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue

Women, Peace & Security

Youth, Peace and Security

Gender-Sensitive Conflict Prevention

Dynamics of Masculinity

ICT and Digital Peacebuilding

Climate Change and Peacebuilding


Education and Economic Development

country: Burundi

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