10 Years of Peacebuilding

Highlights throughout the decade

2022 Year in Review

Throughout 2022, the work and collaboration of our members, supporters, and grassroots actors showed tremendous resilience, responsibility, and dedication to support one another and our communities. Now, more than ever, we must unite as one community to collectively strive for inclusion and mutual understanding. We look forward to continuing to champion the role and capacity of local peacemakers, and working alongside our members, to promote sustainable peace and the actualization of the 2030 agenda.

About the Peacemakers Network

The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers builds bridges between grassroots peacemakers and global players in order to strengthen the work done for sustainable peace. The Network strengthens peacemaking through collaboratively supporting the positive role of religious and traditional actors in peace and peacebuilding processes.

The Network fosters collaboration among various actors who have diverse abilities, yet shared goals, and it does so across multiple tracks from the local level to the global. The Network creates consortiums that include both international organizations and local actors to maximize resources and sustainable results. Initiatives are conducted in close collaboration with local religious and traditional actors.

The Network’s 2020-2025 Strategy

The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers has launched its strategy for 2020-2025. The strategy addresses all elements of the Network’s activities, including its structure, mission, approach, priorities, areas of concentration, and guiding principles. The strategy also reaffirms the Network’s purpose: to assist religious and traditional peacemakers to forge mutually supportive connections between them and others who have responsibility for building peace, preventing and ending conflicts.

Recent News

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