What’s New in PVE

The Peacemakers Network convened an expert seminar on the prevention of violent extremism on the 28th of February in Helsinki, Finland. The seminar brought together officials and professionals working in sectors ranging from government offices, to the media, academic institutes, and NGOs.


The seminar was opened and closed by Dr. Khalid Koser, the Executive Director of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund. The themes Dr. Koser addressed included community based solutions to PVE and the challenges and possibilities included in the work done both locally and internationally. When discussing the relationship between large scale migration and violent extremism Dr. Koser highlighted the following:

“Sometimes the arrival of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers generates extreme responses. It is not the refugees and migrants who are extremists, it is our response to them that is extreme… We need to be aware of how we are responding and we need more political leadership around these issues.

To add to this, as well as being a consequence of violent extremism, migration can be a solution.”

Click the video to view the full interview.