2021 Year at a Glance

Click here to download the Peacemakers Network 2021 Year in a Glance.

Dear Friends,

While 2021 was another challenging year with the impacts of COVID-19 felt around the world, we saw terrific collaboration at all segments of society in working to support and sustain peaceful and inclusive societies.

The Network continues to implement its 2020-2025 Strategy alongside its members and supporters by engaging religious and traditional actors in mediation, dialogue, and peacebuilding processes in innovative ways. In collaboration with our Members and supporters, we continue to support their crucial role in ensuring that peace efforts reach the wider population and are rooted in local ownership.

The Network continues to grow – we are proud to announce the formalization of 86 members and supporters, representing an array of actors, including inter-and-intra governmental agencies, regional bodies, academic institutions, international and national organizations, civil society, faith based organizations and religious and traditional peacemakers.

This year, we were delighted to initiate four working groups of the Network that were established to foster collaboration towards the Network’s mission of enhancing the effectiveness of efforts towards peaceful and inclusive societies. The four working groups include Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe & MENA and the Inclusivity Community of Practice.   The goal of the working groups continues to act upon increasing the active collaboration between religious and traditional actors and other key stakeholders in conflict transformation.

The Network acknowledges the overwhelming gap in funding allocated specifically for women, youth and other feminist-led or focused organizations focused on peace making and broader peacebuilding processes. Therefore, in response to this gap and in line with the Generation Equality Forum commitments under the Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Compact, the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers has committed to transforming its funding approach within the next five years to focus specifically on increasing direct and flexible funding and resources for women, youth, and feminist-led and focused organizations by tenfold through integrating new and scaled funds into our ongoing consortia project budgets. As complex crises continue to evolve globally, it is more urgent than ever that the transformative potential of the WPS-HA Compact is realized.

The work of the Network would not be possible without a whole of society approach.  As we move into 2022, the Network remains committed to support COVID-19 response and recovery initiatives as well as continuing to meaningfully engage women and youth within all segments of society.

Now, more than ever, we must come together as one community to collectively strive for inclusion, tolerance, and understanding.  In 2021, the work and collaboration of our Members, Supporters, and grassroots actors showed tremendous resilience, responsibility and dedication to support one another and our communities. We look forward to continuing to champion the role and capacity of local peacemakers, and working alongside our members, to promote sustainable peace and the actualization of the 2030 agenda.

We are pleased to share with you the Peacemakers Network 2021 Year at a Glance.

On behalf of the entire Network family, we wish you a very prosperous and blessed New Year.

With Sincerity,

Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi, Executive Director