Baseline Study on Knowledge Gaps on Religious Literacy and Constitutional Rights in Kenya

The study on the Knowledge gaps on religious literacy and constitutional rights in Kenya was conducted to understand knowledge gaps on religious literacy and constitutional rights, especially on freedom of religion and belief within key Kenyan state authorities, faith actors and communities and school teachers.

This study was conducted to inform the project ‚ÄúReligious minorities in Kenya: Overcoming divides, respecting rights,” funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD). The objective of this project is to address the problems affecting the full enjoyment of rights by the Muslim minority and the African Traditional Religions (ATR) communities in Kenya, arising from mistrust and excessive repression by the State authorities, misunderstandings with other faith-communities, and limited knowledge of constitutional rights, including the promotion of gender equality. The project particularly supports dialogue across faith groups, and between minority faith groups and state institutions, to positively influence the law and its implementation concerning minority rights.