Call for Applications: ALLY Young Researchers Programme on Peacebuilding and Preventing Violent Extremism

About ALLY

The European Union-funded project Amplifying Leadership of Local Youth in Preventing Violent Extremism in South Asia (ALLY) is organising a Young Researchers Programme for 8 youth (two from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan each). These youth will be trained as a researcher (in data collection and analysis) and will have a key role in data collection, analysis and contributing to the writing of research outputs and their dissemination after the research assignment. In light of improving the narrative for young people among donors, policymakers and peacebuilding practitioners, the goal of the study is to contribute to an increasingly evidence-based approach to policies and programming related to PVE by deepening the existing knowledge base on the positive roles of youth-led civic engagement related to peacebuilding.

The ALLY project is a youth-sensitive initiative, focused at amplifying the youth voices and actions in addressing diverse factors of violence and Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. The project aims at increasing knowledge of the push and pull factors, enhancing the multidimensional capacity of youth leaders and their strategies, and strengthening multi-stakeholder partnerships to prevent violent extremism in South Asia. The project primarily targets youth as agency-holders and strategic allies to media and decision-makers, to increase outreach for youth-led initiatives and constructive narratives that value the religious, ethnic and cultural diversity of the region. The project contributes to filling the gap of context-specific resources and collaborative regional actions on PVE in South Asia, strengthening not only regional but also national level networks and youth movements.

About the Role

The purpose of this program is for 8 youth to attend research trainings and contribute to a participatory study into youth leadership that addresses factors of violence and preventing violent extremism in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The Young Researchers will:

    • Participate in the 3 workshops on the Participatory Action Research (two online training components on youth-led peer-to-peer research and one in-person training component on data-analysis planned to take place in Sri Lanka, if COVID situation allows)
    • Conduct in-country data collection through individual peer-to-peer and focus group discussions with youth, and interview other relevant stakeholders.
    • Analyse data and contribute to writing 1 analytical report and 2 policy briefs (1 per each country and 1 regional) highlighting key findings
    • Disseminate research results with different stakeholders

Young Researchers will work in tandem and with support from a Lead Researcher and in-country partners of this programme. This entire project will be organised from mid-August 2020 to 30 April 2021 and will require 65-80 days of engagement. The researcher will be based in their home country. There is potential travel to Sri Lanka for in-person training, and potential in-country travel for research (travel depends on Covid-19 context)

Assignment timeline:

    • 17 August to 11 October: Research trainings and preparatory work
    • 12 October to 22 November: In-country research data collection
    • Week of 23 November: Data analysis workshop
    • December to March 2021: Data analysis and support finalisation of research outputs
    • March 2021 to April 2021: Dissemination of research findings
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Research Fee and Costs

The Young Researcher will be paid a fee of 700 EUR in total for successfully completing data collection and research work. For this, the Young Researcher will enter into a consultancy/service contract with the in-country partner in each country. The Young Researcher participates in the three capacity building training programmes focusing on competencies for youth-led action research free of charge. Further, accommodation, flight costs and catering related to the one in-person workshop will be covered by the project and the in-country partner will reimburse the Young Researchers’ in-country research costs related to conducting data collection, as agreed in advance.

Profile of Young Researcher

    • Motivation and at least one practical example of being involved in research or analysis on PVE/peacebuilding and/or youth.
    • Ability to reach and mobilize other young people in peacebuilding and PVE spaces, especially in hard to reach areas and areas affected by multiple forms of violence.
    • Experience in interfaith engagements or rights-based action or development initiatives across religious denominations/communities.
    • Familiarity with the human-rights approach, gender mainstreaming and Do No Harm principle.
    • Prior experience to work on peacebuilding/PVE with youth and demonstrated ability to motivate peers/ other youth in the community level.
    • Strong communication skills, including with diverse groups such as policymakers, media professionals and religious leaders.
    • Preferably a current staff member or a volunteer in a youth-led peace organization with experience of participating in youth-led peacebuilding activities within his/her own community.
    • Aged preferably between 18 and 30 – due to the nature of the project youth will be given a priority.
    • Feels comfortable using English as the main language for the project and research. Ability to speak local languages essential.
    • Access to a stable internet connection and ability to use online platforms, such as Google Drive.
    • Availability to commit to the entire youth researcher programme over 9 months (mid-August 2020 to 30 April 2021) and is in the possession of a passport for international travel


More information about the assignment and the assignment timeline is outlined in the Term of Reference. To apply, interested parties should fill the Application Form by Monday, 03rd Aug 2020, 11:59 pm ICT. If you have any questions, please write to Mr Jaakko Virkkunen (