Call for Proposals: Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation Programs and Activities

USAID has opened a call for proposals for the implementation of people-to-people activities that mitigate conflict and promote reconciliation by bringing together individuals of different ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds in  Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Colombia, Honduras, and Jamaica.

The total amount available is 16 million US dollars and will be distributed along two competitive categories:

  1. Between 100 000 USD and 800 000 USD for Local Entities Only and
  2. Between 800 000 USD and 1 500 000 USD for Local Entities and Non-Local Entities (except for Colombia and Kosovo).

Closing Time: April 23, 2018.

Detailed Request for Applications (RFA) available on with number: 7200AA18RFA00008

Application documents:

If you are looking for international support or partnerships, feel welcome to contact the Peacemakers Network Secretariat partnerships and collaboration-building manager Alessandro Rossi at