Centre for Peace and Justice, Brac University

Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ) is a multi-disciplinary academic institute, which promotes global peace and social justice through quality education, research, training and advocacy. CPJ is committed to identifying and promoting sustainable and inclusive solutions to a wide range of global concerns and issues, including fragility, conflict and violence. The centre was established in March 2017 and joined the impressive cluster of other institutes and centres of Brac University with a vision to promote a just, peaceful and inclusive society through education, training, research and advocacy.

The missions of the Centre are to: promote quality multi-disciplinary education to create human capital towards sustained peace and social justice, undertake research on peace, fragility, social justice and open society to generate knowledge and empirical evidence, and build capacities of practitioners, academics, researchers and trainers.

Focus Areas

Peace and Fragility

Social Justice

Open Society

country: bangladesh

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