Consultations Held for the Development of Religion and Peace Focused Toolkit Series

The development of Religion and Peacemaking Toolkit Series is progressing with consultations on the outlines and the content of the toolkits held 17-19 December, 2014 face-to-face and virtually in New York by Salam Institute for Peace and Justice (SIPJ) and hosted by Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Mission to the UN, and in Helsinki and Bangkok by the Network Secretariat.

The Network Secretariat in collaboration with SIPJ and United States Institute of Peace (USIP) are working to collaboratively produce a series of four complementary toolkits focused on religion and peace: 1. Mapping and Analyzing Conflicts for Religious Peacemaking; 2. Mediation and Religious Peacemaking; 3. Religiously Inspired Reconciliation; and 4. Gender and Religious Peacemaking. The Toolkit Series will be developed during 2015 by selected authors with guidance from an expert panel.

The toolkits will offer background and guidance on various dimensions of religious peacemaking processes for secular and faith-inspired actors/organizations/stakeholders. The intent of the toolkit series is to deepen understanding of the role of religion in conflict and engage religious resources, leaders, and institutions more effectively in peace and –building processes across the grassroots to international levels.