COVID-19 Inclusion Resources

The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers remains committed to inclusion during the global outbreak of COVID-19  that uplift the voices of grassroots leaders and the sharing of resources to ensure inclusive response and recovery programming. Please see our evolving list of inclusion resources below:

Network articles:

“Gender Equity and Inclusion in the Time of COVID-19: Why Religious and Traditional Leaders Matter.” 

“What Religious and Traditional Peacemakers Should Know About Intimate Partner Violence and Covid-19.”

Disability Inclusion

CBM (2020) Disability Inclusive Community Action –COVID-19 Matrix,

Abrams, Abigail, (2020), “’This Is Really Life or Death.’ For People With Disabilities, Coronavirus Is Making It Harder Than Ever to Receive Care,” Time Magazine,

Gender Inclusion

SIHA Network, (2020) “Corona Virus Dos and Don’ts are Blind to Urban Poor Women’s Realities,”

Godin, Melissa (2020), ”As Cities Around the World Go on Lockdown, Victims of Domestic Violence Look for a Way out.” Time.

Feminist Response to COVID-19 (2020)

Frederikson  et al., (2020) “Coronavirus: A Look at Gender Differences in Awareness and Actions,” Kaiser Family Foundation,

Lewis, Helen, (2020) “The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism: Pandemics affect men and women differently.” The Atlantic.

Gupta, Alisha Haridasani, (2020) “Why Women May Face a Greater Risk of Catching Coronavirus,” New York Times,

Clare Wenham, Clare; Smith, Julia; and Morgan, Rosemary. (2020) “COVID-19: the gendered impacts of the outbreak,” the Lancet,

Care, (2020), “COVID-19’s Gender Implications Examined in Policy Brief from CARE.”

Willmer, Gareth, (2020), “‘Gender blind’ coronavirus policies could hinder disease fight,” SciDev.Net.

Smith, Julia, (2020), “Gender and the Coronavirus Outbreak: Gender inequities make outbreaks worse, so why not integrate gender analysis into the response now to help save lives?” Think Global Health.

Intimate Partner Violence

New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Governor’s Office of Faith-Based Community Development Initiatives, (2016) Domestic Violence and Faith Communities: Guidelines for Leaders,

World Health Organization (2009), Changing cultural and social norms that support violence,

Faith Trust Insitute (2010), “A Commentary on Religion and Domestic Violence.”

Peaceful Families Project,

JCADA, “Qur’anic Passages & Verses for Inspiration,”

JCADA, “Christian Scripture: Verses for Inspiration,”

JCADA, “Parashah Pieces: Divrei Torah Samples and Inspiration,”

Madre (2020), “A Practical Approach to Prevent, Address and Document Domestic Violence under COVID-19,”