Global Peacebuilders to Convene at 2022 National Dialogues Conference

Over 150 peacebuilders, policy makers and other key stakeholders from around the world will gather in Helsinki for the fifth National Dialogues Conference. The Conference on National Dialogues and non-formal dialogue processes, or National Dialogues Conference, provides a safe and inclusive space for joint reflection and in-depth discussion between the invited practitioners, stakeholders and experts working with peace mediation and dialogue processes in different contexts. Co-organized by The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, in cooperation with Felm, CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation, and Finn Church Aid (FCA), this years event will be focused on Revisiting National Dialogues, asking how to (re)position national dialogues and non-formal dialogue processes in the changing world.

In the world we live in, peace processes are facing great uncertainty. Two years of Covid-19 pandemic combined with other global challenges such as shifts in the geopolitical landscape, growing inequalities, shrinking space of the civil society and climate change, have worsened the situation. These developments have also negatively affected the ability to discuss and transform conflicts through dialogues.

The National Dialogue Conference will offer a much-needed platform for exchange, reflection, and joint action. Recent developments demonstrate that conflicts are difficult to predict, become more complex and more interlinked across regions. The 2022 NDC will reflect on the role of the regional structures and discuss both established and emerging practices of inclusivity and dialogue process design. The conference will also discuss how mass social movements and non-violent resistance movements relate to national dialogues and explore climate emergencies from the perspective of national dialogues and their ecosystems. Discussions are expected to include insights and experiences from various countries and regions, including for example Ethiopia, Mali, Senegal, Sudan, Iraq, and Myanmar.

Highlights from 2019 NDC

The Fourth Conference on National Dialogues and non-formal dialogue processes in June 2019 brought together different stakeholders working on national dialogues to share knowledge and lessons and to promote peer learning to improve the practice of national dialogues. Click here to learn more.