Kosovo’s interfaith initiative echoes around the globe

Kosovo’s 4th International Interfaith Conference in Prishtina set new highs for global reach via social media, youth participation, gender equality and diversity.

Entitled ‘Interfaith Dialogue In Time of Social Media: Enabling Agents of Change Countering Violent Extremism and Hate Speech’ the three day event focused on debating topics through a multi-disciplinary approach and developing tools to improve social activism against religious extremism.

Delegates included global faith leaders, ministers and senior government officials, entrepreneurs, international representatives, and members of civil society. The conference was hosted by the Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Institute for Interfaith Dialogue (IIID) with support from the United Nations, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of United States of America, British Council, British Embassy, the European Union Office, and the German Embassy.

Read the article by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo on the event in full here.