MasterPeace Bangladesh

MasterPeace Bangladesh is a licensed club of MasterPeace (MP), which was launched in Bangladesh in 2012. The Club is legally supported by a renowned non-government public library in Sylhet called PanchaKhanda Gulaibia Public Library. MasterPeace (MP) was founded in 2010 as a global grassroots movement and network of local changemakers who are yearly licensed based on shared values, and ambitions. They perform community work with a minimum of 4 projects a year.

Focus Areas

Inspire, engage, foster self-esteem, and fuel reconciliation and healing

Connect and organize dialogues with “the other” and youngsters with their elders, the municipalities, and businesses

Create perspective via training and create social enterprises

Implement a diverse range of peacebuilding and community development projects to:

1. Mobilize young people through music, art sports, and play

2. Organize dialogue between and within communities

3. Build perspective through social entrepreneurship and leadership development 

country: bangladesh

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