Network Members and Supporters Offer Guidance & Resources for COVID-19

In this period of uncertainty, it is important to remember that religion and faith can be adapted to meet challenging circumstances. Religious actors and communities can play a pivotal role in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 as well as serving as a source of comfort and support.  Around the world, we have already seen an extensive demonstration of religious solidarity.  The Network encourages religious and traditional actors to take action to help prevent COVID-19 in their communities. Click here to learn more.

Provided below are the response and recommendations of Network Members and Supporters pertaining to COVID-19. 

We will continue to monitor and update the responses of our members and supporters pertaining to COVID-19.  Members and supporters of the Network are encouraged to share their resources pertaining to COVID-19 to:

ACT Alliance

COVID-19: ACT Alliance Programmatic response

Adyan Foundation

Call to action for religious actors

Berkley Center

Consultation on COVID-19

Berkley Center & JLI

Faith and COVID-19 Resource Repository

Caritas International

Catholic Relief Services

CRS response to COVID-19

Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives

Cordoba Peace Institute

Muslim Religious Community and the Global War on COVID-19

Dawah Institute of Nigeria

Video: Serving the Family in COVID time

Faith Associates

Advice and tips for Mosques on dealing with Coronavirus 2020

Finn Church Aid

FCA’s support to refugee camps amongst COVID-19

International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development

COVID-19 and the work-stream on Gender Equality and Empowerment

International Network of Engaged Buddhists 

Statement Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic from International Network of Engaged Buddhists

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Response to COVID-19

Joint Learning Initiative 

COVID-19 Guidance for Religious Communities and Leaders

Joint Statements



New ways to worship and serve those in need

KAICIID expands, “learn at home” Digital Resource Offerings

Protect the Vulnerable”: A Message From KAICIID’s Secretary General in a Time of Crisis

Lutheran World Federation

COVID-19: Churches preparing for an exceptional Easter | The Lutheran World Federation

COVID-19: Solidarity and cooperation should know no borders | The Lutheran World Federation

New Alliance of Virtue

A Statement of Solidarity from the New Alliance of Virtue

Network for Religious and Traditional Peaceamakers

Love your neighbour: Islam, Judaism and Christianity come together over COVID-19


Peace Direct

COVID-19 and the Impact on Local Peacebuilding

Religions for Peace

RfP COVID-19 statement and resource bank

Launch of Global Multi-Religious Faith-in-Action COVID-19 Initiative

Religions for Peace & ACT Alliance

Strength and Diversity Development Center


Physical Distancing and Social Supporting

Tazkiyah Publications

The Muslims’ COVID-19 Handbook 2020 – in Swahili 

The Muslims’ COVID-19 Handbook 2020 – in English

Tony Blair Institute

Equipping Governments to Respond to COVID-19


United Nations

Policy Brief: the Impact of COVID-19 on Women

Secretary-General’s Message to Mark Easter, Passover and Ramadan: Renewing Faith in our Common Humanity in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic

United Nations Development Programme

Humanity needs leadership and solidarity to defeat COVID-19

United Nations Population Fund

Risks of women and girls intensifies due to COVID-19

United States Institute of Peace

Nonviolent action in the time of coronavirus

World Council of Churches

Faces of help: WCC offers resource people to accompany during COVID-19 pandemic

In joint statement, ecumenical organizations across the world stand together to protect life

On World Water Day, WCC and ACT Alliance urge ensuring access to clean water for hand-washing

WCC medical experts urge life-saving measures akin to WHO’s on COVID-19

WCC urges everyone to pray at home

World Health Organization

Practical Considerations and Recommendations for Religious Leaders and Faith-based Communities in the Context of COVID-19

Safe Ramadan Practices in the Context of COVID-19