Peacemakers Network Joins the G20 Interfaith Working Group on Youth to Advance Youth Participation        

23 August 2022 | News

G20 Youth Interfaith Forum 2021

The G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) seeks to bring perspectives from the world’s faith communities to bear on issues that are part of the G20’s effort to comply fully with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The IF20 has established one initiative and several Working Groups that will facilitate consideration of ways in which faith communities can contribute to progress on the following issues. Each Working Group consists of a handful of experts recognized for their technical background and global experience. Their work consists of public activities such as webinars; collaborating with faith-based and functional organizations around the world to build a ‘network of networks’ to create global forums for discussion; and preparing policy briefs that provide recommendations to G20 member governments to address these important issues.

The Peacemakers Network is delighted to join the G20 Interfaith Working Group on Youth. This working group seeks to increase the meaningful participation and leadership of youth of faith within the G20 Interfaith Forum and on contributing to the SDGs. ‘A Common Word Among Youth’ (ACWAY) serves as the chair of the group and has recently become a Member of the Network.