OSCE Is Looking for a Curriculum Development Expert

The project comprises of components for youth and women leaders and the team is now embarking on the development of the its last module. The target group of the module is community leaders, with a focus on traditional and religious communities. OSCE is looking for a curriculum development expert to join their team.

The seeked person should have solid experience in developing training material for civil society, and has worked with religious and traditional leaders on peace, dialogue, tolerance, and anti-hate efforts. The person should also be able to oversee the work of one or two support consultants.The pilot training course will be developed over the course of 2018. The curriculum will subsequently be rolled out through OSCE field operations and interested partners.

For more information, have a look at the LIVE Fact Sheet and contact M(r)s. Camilla Bognoe (camilla.bognoe@osce.org)