The Network’s vision for the Inclusivity cluster is to transform the power dynamics fueling violence through the inclusive engagement of tradition- and faith-oriented leaders, women and youth in peacebuilding. The inclusivity cluster cuts across all the activities of the Network. Specific objectives of the work include the following:

To evolve deepened understanding regarding the challenges and opportunities of engaging gender, youth and minorities in religious and traditional peacemaking that effectively link to broader peace mediation and -building processes.

To ensure consistent consultations with and among gender, youth, minorities and (in collaboration with) Network Members that contribute directly to the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and refinements of all processes and actions related to Network activities.

To support actions that advance inclusive engagement in religious and traditional peacemaking that link to broader peace and -building processes.

To advance advocacy initiatives with the Inter-agency on Youth, Peace and Security and the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security and Network members.

Networking Broadened & Deepened
To link and support gender, youth and minority actors into the Network and with others beyond the Network.

CASE EXAMPLE: Inclusivity Working Group

The Network Gender Working Group was formed in 2014, following a series of bi- and multi-lateral consultations consisting of gender, religion and peace focused actors. In 2015, after a round of meetings and consultations, the Working Group evolved into an Inclusivity Working Group (IWG). The change was not only about wordplay, but a deliberate choice to place emphasis on the inclusion of women, youth and minorities in religious and traditional peacebuilding.

The IWG was formed to advance and support peace mediation and peace building processes. The method of a working group was chosen in order to create an expert group, engagement platform and roster for continuous knowledge exchange, direct support and collaboration development. Aside from knowledge sharing, mentoring and support, the aim of the working group is to jointly develop technical and financial support mechanisms for inclusivity focused peace initiatives and actors.  The Working Group is currently advancing collaborative peace mediation and -building process support in Central and Southeast Asia as well as the MENA region.

Key partners of the IWG include UN Women, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego, Religions for Peace, United States Institute of Peace, International Civil Society Action Network, the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, and the Inter-agency for Youth, Peace and Security.