Methods and Tools

The Methods and Tools cluster evaluates and answers the training needs of faith- and tradition-oriented peacemakers, Network members and the diplomatic community. The work done within the cluster enhances the exchange of working methods and lessons learned between various actors involved in peace and peacebuilding efforts.

The Network facilitates and implements trainings ranging from research assignments and collaborations to the training of peacemakers and mediators representing all tracks of conflict transformation.

Trainings also includes the assistance of religious leaders in learning peacebuilding skills and in working with track 1 processes and policy makers. Vice versa, with the aid of its partners, the Network also offers track 1 actors trainings for the development of skills needed when working with religious and traditional leaders.

CASE EXAMPLE: Religion and Mediation Course for UN personnel

In December 2015 the Network, based on a request by the UN Mediation Support Unit, organised a specialised training course on Religion and Mediation for UN personnel. The course focused on the potential role religious and traditional actors have in peace mediation and peacebuilding. Following the successful implementation of the first UN training course, the co-organizing partners developed a series of trainings for UN staff to be held in 2016.