Reach Out 3 Project Strengthens Cooperation in Finland

Through the Reach Out project, the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers and Finn Church Aid have been engaged in broad-based work to prevent violent extremism and radicalisation since 2014. Its final report details how the Reach out 3 project (2020–2021) was to strengthen the cooperation between the authorities and the third sector and, furthermore, to enhance their know-how in ways that develop the support services available and strengthen the case management of families and young people directly affected by violent radicalisation and extremism.

The work of Reach Out builds on broad, network-based cooperation and the key cooperation partners are involved in the project steering group and activities. The active involvement of these cooperative parties in planning and carrying out the project activities has boosted the effectiveness of this work, as competence and cooperation build around local competence and networks.

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About Reach Out 3

Reach Out 3 work is part of Finnish National Action Plan for Preventing Violent Radicalization and extremism 2019-2023. Reach Out work supports local and national stakeholders, authorities, civil society actors and faith communities to better address needs of families and individuals affected by radicalization and extremism. Research undertaken in this project explores support needs and experiences of families and communities affected by violent extremism, and support services provide by authorities, public sector and communities to address support needs. Aim is to benchmark and develop to support families whom are affected by violent extremism and seek to disengage from these movements or violence. Often, preventative measures take the form of individual intervention and focus on the disengagement process. However, there are very few evaluations on the approaches and measures taken, and the impact these measures have on affected families. Reach Out 3 will report on best practices and recommendation for future work for policymakers and community of practice. As outcome the project will develop tools and materials, that support timely community based referral for families affected to support services.

Reach Out 3 expands upon the Network and FCA’s work on prevention of violent radicalization and extremism Finland and Europe: Reach Out (2016-2017) and Reach Out 2 (2017-2019). This project is implemented in collaboration with four cooperation cities in Finland: Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu. Reach Out 3 contributes to the Networks strategic objective to nationally engage duty bearers, families and youth on the prevention of violent extremism. The Network secretariats’s Senior Specialist on Preventing Violence co-chairs the Youth, Families and Communities Working Group of the Radicalization Awareness Network that brings together the community of practice in European Union.