Religious Actors as Drivers of Change and Preventing Violent Extremsim

Events | June 2023

Within the margins of the Third United Nations Counter-Terrorism Week, the UN Multi-Faith Advisory Council’s Peace and Security Working Group and the UN Office on the Prevention of Genocide organized a side-event titled A Whole of Society Approach: Religious Actors as Drivers of Change and Preventing Violent Extremism to highlight the importance of the UN Plan of Action for Religious Leaders and Actors as an essential tool for conflict prevention and countering violent extremism while protecting of human rights.

Ms. Alice Nderidtu, Under Secretary-General and Special Advisory on the Prevention of Genocide, shared in her opening remarks the importance of collaoration with religious and traditional actors in not only countering violent extremism, but also advancing other key agenda areas of the UN, such as the peace and security, human rights, and resilient and sustainable societies.

During the ensuing discussion, the speakers showcased good practices and lessions learned of implementation, including building effective and holistic partnership. Peacemakers Network’s Executive Director Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi stated that the implementation of the Plan of Action needs to be based on a bottom-up top-down approach, engaging track 1, 1.5, and 2.0 actors which also reflects and amplifies the voices and ingenuities of women and youth, and implementing the safety and security of religious actors when advancing peace and development work. Missed the event? Watch the full recording here.

Three highlights on best practices in preventing and countering violent extremism

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