RMP Conducts Training on Constitutional Safeguards

As part of the Religious Minorities Project, the Network of Religious Leaders and Traditional Peacemakers (NRTP) held training for faith leaders, focusing on constitutional safeguards related to rights of marginalised groups, inter-religious dialogue and religious literacy promoting the respect of minorities’ rights.

The three trainings were held specifically for religious leaders in Kwale, Mombasa and Kilifi counties. Each training aimed strengthened the capacity and leadership skills of community leaders to meaningfully engage, collaborate, build relationships with different religious groups, government and other actors to address religious diversity challenges in their communities.  The training created a pool of trainers who will be able to support training sessions carried out in-country and at regional level on religious literacy promoting the respect of minorities’ rights. The trainings will ultimately lead to Improved inter-faith working relationship both locally and nationally hence expanding constitutional rights enjoyment at local and national level.

About the Religious Minorities Project

The Network of Religious Leaders and Traditional Peacemakers (NRTP) together with consortium partners led by MUHURI, Tangaza University College, SUPKEM & Islamic Relief Kenya) are implementing project “’Religious Minorities in Kenya: Overcoming Divides, Respecting Rights” The project aims at strengthening the rights of religious minorities of faith and belief in Kenya, especially the Muslim communities and the African Traditional Religions (ATR) communities, and to combat discrimination by working with state institutions and religious actors of all faiths. The project particularly supports dialogue across faith groups, and between minority faith groups and state institutions, to positively influence the law and its implementation concerning minorities’ rights. This goal will also be advanced through capacity building and media engagement locally and nationally. In the project target counties of Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa, Nairobi, Garissa and Mandera in Kenya, Muslim and ATR minorities face significant difficulties and incidents of violence, with violations of rights are also reported to have been conducted by the state actors.