Sami Story-telling and Healing in Finland

April 16, 2018
1:15-2:45 pm
Conference Room F, UNHQ
405 East 42nd Street, New York NY

The event will be chaired by Ms. Otilia Lux, former member of the UN-sponsored Commission on Historical Clarification in Guatemala and MADRE advisor. Two presentations will be shared by Anne Nuorgam (Sami Parliament) and Ida-Maria Helander (Finnish Saami Youth Organization) and will highlight their perspectives on a possible truth and reconciliation process in Finland. Aili Keskitalo (Sami Parliament of Norway) and Per-Olof Nutti (Sami Parliament of Sweden) will share how truth and reconciliation processes are progressing in Norway and Sweden.

Eduardo Gonzalez, transitional justice expert, advisor to several truth-seeking processes led by indigenous peoples, will share his observations and highlight critical issues to be considered when approaching truth and reconciliation processes.

Antti Pentikainen, independent advisor to the Sami truth and reconciliation process in Finland and convener of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers will give closing remarks.

Following these presentations time will be allowed for Q&A.

To RSVP for the event please email Annalisa Jackson by April 10 at:


April 5, 2018
The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers