SGEM – Somali Gender Equity Movement

SGEM is a socio-political movement that galvanized the support of close to 8,000 diverse Somali women inside the country and in the diaspora, who have united to advocate for gender equity in Somalia. Its mission is to advocate for broad-based Somali gender equity dedicated to promoting peacebuilding, reconciliation, and socio-economic and political equity in the public decision-making arena. SGEM seeks to assure women’s representation, and gender mainstreaming in all appointive and elective offices, political parties’ agendas, and all government policies and procedures. It stresses women’s rights and highlights Somali women as an integral part of Somalia`s nation-building.

Focus Areas

Gender equity & women’s rights advocacy

Women empowerment, participation & representation in public decision-making

Inclusion of women in peacebuilding, reconciliation, & conflict resolution processes

Mobilization & coalition building with women groups, traditional & religious leaders

Training grassroots women, traditional & religious leaders on peacebuilding, reconciliation & conflict resolution skills

Mentorship for young women

country: somalia

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