A Summer School in Nairobi on Islam and Christianity in Dialogue

The Department of Islamic Studies organises a summer school on Islam and Christianity in Dialogue in Africa at Tangaza University College, Nairobi on 1-20 July 2018. Major topics of the offered Theoretical Modules are:

1) Understanding Christian and Muslim Perspectives

2) Understanding Common Issues for/between Islam and Christianity

3) Understanding Dialogue

Practical experiences (15 Modules) will include workshops on personal identities and their effect on individual perceptions, scriptural reasoning, joint spirituality, participatory experience sharing and practical dialogue; and visits to different Christian <nd Muslim denominations’ places of worship and faith-based- and inter-religious projects in and around Nairobi.

Accommodation and full board is available as part of the TASSICDA package, if needed.

More info here.

For inquiries please please contact Fr. Innocent Maganya and Matthias Eder: IRD@tangaza.ac.ke