USIP: Call For Papers

USIP is inviting practitioners working throughout the MENA region and with direct experiences in conflict management, conflict assessments, resolution, community dialogues, and the success and challenges in using mediation, facilitation and dialogue as mechanisms in solving conflict to submit abstracts for the up-coming book planned to be published in 2017.

The abstracts should be no more than 400 words and include information on the main theme, conclusions, methodology, and location and context of the fieldwork. The abstracts should be sent to Manal Omar ( latest on April 1st, 2017. To add to the abstract, please include the author’s CV to the submission.

The call for papers comes within the framework of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Forum of Facilitators (MENA RFF), a Department of State sponsored project supported by USIP. It also builds on a Resource Book  edited by USIP and currently finalized in Arabic. The Resource Book captures eight case studies on facilitated dialogues across the MENA region covering Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, and Syria. The Resource Book is an illustration of USIP’s MENA RFF members past and present efforts to prevent and mitigate conflicts in their local communities. The book also sheds light on best practices in this domain.

To learn more about USIP’s efforts to build local capacities in conflict resolution, have a look at the videos bellow. The videos feature the work of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Forum of Facilitators, a regionally led vehicle with a peacebuilding driven mission, as well as information on the USIP supported Network of Iraqi Facilitators.

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