Inclusivity Community of Practice 

Steering Committee

Aashiq Albadeen

Chief Executive Officer, Serving Humanity Foundation

As the Chief Executive Officer with four years of experience, Aashiq has successfully led planning, development and execution of various events and initiatives aimed at achieving maximum potential. His expertise extends to working with a diverse range of local and international donors, with a particular focus on peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives. Additionally, Aashiq possess significant experience in office administration, showcasing professional and outgoing qualities. Known for his creative and highly strategic approach, he excels in leadership roles and have a proven track record in building strong client relationships and attracting new clients.

Sini Al-Fraidawi

Board Member, Dialogue4Peace / Changemaker, Finn Church Aid

Sini Al-Fraidawi is an MTh student specializing in religion, conflict and dialogue, an MA student in Middle Eastern Studies and a dialogue practitioner. She is a board member of Dialogue4Peace, working with innovative dialogue methods, a Changemaker at Finn Church Aid, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Finnish 2250 Youth, Peace and Security Network. Previously, she has worked with innovative youth engagement methods in coordinating the Youth Peace Week and Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security at UN Youth of Finland. Currently, she is writing her thesis on anti-Shi’ite polemics on social media. Her interests include research of small-scale religious conflicts, prevention of extremism and polarization, as well as new interfaith dialogue methods.

M. Hussain Amin

Program Officer, E HANDS 

M. Hussain Amin has been working in the social and development sector for the last four years and has experience in leading the management and implementation of several projects and initiatives. Currently, he is working as Program Officer at E HANDS and Program Director of the English Access Scholarship Program, a project implemented by E HANDS in collaboration with the US Mission in Pakistan. He has led the implementation of Taleem-e-Amn, a first of its kind residential peace camp for the students of religious seminaries in Pakistan. Most of his work is around peacebuilding, interfaith harmony and advocacy for coexistence. Hussain has also served as President, Young Peace and Development Corps, an initiative of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Government of Pakistan for peaceful campuses where he worked on promoting narratives of peace and harmony. 

Victor Okechukwu Chimezie

Founder and Team Leader, Mind Reformers Network

Victor is a passionate peacebuilder with passion towards achieving a more safe world for all. He was an Institute for Economics and Peace Ambassador in 2019, immediate past country coordinator for CYPAN in Nigeria, a Commonwealth Correspondent, a 2022 USIP Generation Change Fellow, and a 2023 Rotary Positive Peace Activator. Victor is the Founder and Team Lead at the Mind Reformers Network where he helps to inspire young people into peacebuilding and has led the team to reach 5000+ young Nigerians across seven Nigerian cities in peacebuilding projects. As an Institute for Economics and Peace Ambassador, he has facilitated various positive peace education trainings for hundreds of Nigerian youths.

Yassine Farhat

Project Manager, Attalaki

For the past six years, Yassine Farhat has actively participated in civil society initiatives in Tunisia. His educational background includes a focus on both English Literature and law and is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Transformational Development. During his career, Yassine has been associated with the Attalaki organization, working in the field of religious freedom, supporting religious minorities and encouraging interfaith dialogue for the purpose of building understanding. He is particularly focused on nurturing and empowering a new generation of Ambassadors for Religious Freedom. Additionally, Yassine has played an active role in the Association for Cooperation in Tunisia, a faith-based association where he works to enhance the capabilities of local associations to maximize their impact in their communities. Yassine’s profound passion lies in witnessing tangible and meaningful changes in both individual lives and society, aiming ultimately to ensure that everyone can experience dignity and hope.

Oshan Gunathilake

Consultant, Arigatou International

Oshan is a transdisciplinary peace education and development practitioner from Sri Lanka with years of experience in the peacebuilding, transformative education and community development fields in the Asia-Pacific region. His interests fall in the intersections of nonviolence, decolonization, restorative practice and community-based solutions. Oshan is a strong believer in the alternatives for existing structures and practices and dedicates his research to the areas of alternative development concepts, such as buen vivir and alternative justice based on indigenous restorative practices. Oshan advocates for holistic educational reforms that build on sustainable social transformation through critical empowerment. As a development practitioner, educator and facilitative trainer in the areas of peace and development, he has experience collaborating with private, government and community-based stakeholders from local and global levels.

Fariha Jannat

Project Coordination Officer, Center for Communication and Development of Bangladesh

Fariha Jannat, a Bangladeshi young professional, stands as a dedicated development worker, steering initiatives that embody the spirit of youth empowerment and contribute to the realization of the sustainable development goals. Fariha passionately inspires positive change and empowers young individuals, driven by her commitment to fostering youth resilience and promoting peace. She spearheads transformative initiatives, leveraging her expertise to catalyze positive change and empower communities.

Shirine Jurdi

President, Choueifat Women’s League

Shirine Jurdi has almost 20 years of experience working in the field of peacebuilding and conflict prevention. As per her work at the Permanent Peace Movement and as the GPPAC MENA Regional Liaison Officer, she spearheaded the establishment of the MENA Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security and establishment of a working group on women and conventional weapons in MENA. Currently, she builds community work through establishing an Early Warning Early Response System in the MENA region. She is a strong believer in cross-regional exchange and the concept of human security. She works to advance more locally informed decision making on the national, regional and global levels. Shirine works to localize global agendas such as Women, Peace and Security, Youth, Peace and Security, the 2030 Agenda on Sustaining Peace, the Responsibility to Protect, and Small Arms and Light Weapons (UNPOA and ATT). Since 2003, Shirine has been a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Lebanon and currently, she is the team leader for the Stop Killer Robots Campaign in her section, and acted as the MENA Regional Representative in the International Board from 2018 to 2022. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Arab States CSOs and Feminist Network. She is also a member of the International Board of the Control Arms Coalition, a member of the Mediation Network Marjoun since 2022, and member of the MENA-WGC Feminist Taskforce since 2019. She was awarded the International Young Women’s Peace and Human Rights Award from Democracy Today. Shirine holds an ABD in Peace and Conflict Studies from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Relebohile Lefojane

Head of Disability Cluster, Southern Africa Youth Forum

Relebohile Lefojane is a passionate biomedical solutions enthusiast and she is currently embarking on breast cancer treatment research. She is also experienced in anti-stigma advocacy for Disabilities such as HIV/AIDS and Albinism. As a poetess, she uses her skill to advocate for issues affecting humanity. Currently, she is the Head of the Disability Cluster at Southern Africa Youth Forum (SAYoF) and the Chairperson of Ntlafatso Foundation.

Mary Maina

Kenya Focal Point, Mensen Meteen Missie

Mary Maina is a young Kenyan pursuing her Master of Science in Governance, Peace, and Security Studies at African Nazarene University. She serves as the Focal Point for Mensen Meteen Missie (MM) in Kenya and coordinates the organization’s programs, including a freedom of religion and belief program called Joint Initiative for Strategic Initiative (JISRA). Additionally, Mary has been part of the Youth Faith-Based Mediators program since 2023, a group trained and convened by the Peacemakers Network. Mary is an expert in peacebuilding and possesses significant practical experience gained from her volunteering, internships, and professional advocacy work with various grassroots, national, regional, and international organizations. Over the years, she has designed evidence-based programs and facilitated locally-led innovative initiatives, pioneering efforts to raise the profile of religious actors, youth, and women’s transformation in areas of mediation, peaceful coexistence, preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE), and inclusion.

Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem Majemu

Founder, Strength in Diversity Development Centre

Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem Majemu is an indigene of Lagos State from Epe. He is the Chief Imam of the Islamic Platform Society of Nigeria and the Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC), Magodo GRA, Lagos; Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Strength in Diversity Development Centre, and the Farmers Advocacy and Support Initiative in Nigeria. He is the National Co-Coordinator of the Inter-religious Coalition Against Corruption in Nigeria (ICACN); the Interfaith Partnership for Sustainable Development in Nigeria and the Chief Executive Officer of the Open Farm and Agro-allied Company Limited. Imam Shefiu studied Arabic and Islamic studies at the Zulikha Abiola College, Usmanu Dan Fodio University, Sokoto where he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc) in Advertising and Public Relations and Postgraduate Degree (M.Sc) in Communication Studies at the Lagos State University, Ojo, and, MSc. in Agribusiness Management at the Rome Business School, Nigeria (RBSN). He is currently a Ph.D. Research student at the same University. He is an Alumni of the U.S International Visitors Leadership Programme 2010 on Religious Freedom and Interfaith Dialogue, with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Geneva Centre for Security Studies (GCSS), Harvard Divinity School and the Berlin Centre for International Diplomacy and Cultural Studies.

In addition, Imam Shefiu is an International Fellow of the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) and the European Union Global Exchange on Religion and Society (GERIS). He is a member of many international organizations such as the Peacemakers Network, the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), the Partnership for Religion and Development (PaRD), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Bank /IMF Global Faith Initiative, CSOs Forum on the UN Convention Against Corruption and the United Nations, and the Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC). He is the Founder and Executive Director of the International Centre for Religious Moderation (ICRM), Nigeria and currently, the National Co-Secretary, Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP), Nigeria.

Queen Gladys Mbuyah

President, International Federation of Women Laywers (FIDA) Cameroon

Gladys is a Barrister at law, passionate women and human rights defender and peace crusader. She splits her professional time between lawyering and promoting women’s rights and the rights of vulnerable persons. She is a public interest lawyer in which capacity she filed a case before the Supreme Court of Cameroon for the law on marriage age to be brought to standards with ratified international conventions. Gladys is the National President of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Cameroon, past FIDA Regional Vice President for Africa, past FIDA International Director, current FIDA International Historian, past Vice Secretary of the Cameroon Bar Association, Committee member of the Africa End Sexual Harassment Initiative (AESHI), and Coalition Member and co founder of the ‘EveryWoman Treaty.’ She founded and heads the Libra Law Office in Cameroon since 2006 where she has trained many lawyers in her law office. She has supported many pro bono cases to represent hundreds of destitute women before the law courts. She is the Vice President and resource person of a radio talk and call-in show on women’s human rights called “Voices for Women,” which has been on air for over 20 years. Gladys is Co-Founder of the Cameroon Women Peace Movement (CAWOPEM). Gladys in collaboration with REDHAC facilitated 20 intercommunity dialogues for peace and created many peace clubs in the 10 regions of Cameroon.

Gladys holds a Masters of Law degree with a specialty in International Human Rights Law from Georgetown University Law Center. She is a Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Fellow, President of the Social Affairs Commission of the Cameroon Bar Association, a commission charged with promoting the rights of minors, women/girls and all vulnerable persons. As President of the commission, she organized capacity building workshops for lawyers and social workers aimed at enhancing their ability to implement international and national legal instruments on the rights of the child. She is the Queen mother of her village and as a feminist, she now uses her position to influence eradication of repugnant customs. She has received various commendations for her work in promoting women’s rights and the human rights of all; amongst which were an award from FIDA Africa for advancing women’s rights, award from REDHAC for defending human rights and award from the High Commission of Canada to Cameroon for advancing human rights. Received in 2022, the outstanding women’s rights award and 2022 gender activist award. She was named amongst 50 Women in Law Who Inspire by the Institute for African Women in Law in its 2023 annual publication.

Peter Mmbando

Founder and Executive Director, Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative (DA4TI)

Peter Mmbando is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-governmental organization Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative (DA4TI). He advocates for internet governance, digital peace, digital rights and digital inclusion policies. He is also a consultant, trainer and researcher who contributes to policy development in multi-stakeholder processes. Peter has more than six years experience in non-profit organizations both local and international, promoting and advocating internet governance, peace, digital rights, use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) among youth and women that leverage its potential drive in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union (AU) Agenda 2063. Currently, Peter is a fellow alumnus of the European Union Cyber Diplomacy Initiative by European Union Institute of Security Studies, alumnus of International Training on Dialogue and Mediation, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at Uppsala University and alumnus of Democratic Governance: Re-imagining the State and Civil Society at Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance – University of Cape Town.

Leonard Ndikiminwe

Program Management Specialist, UN Women Burundi

Leonard Ndikiminwe currently works as the Program Management Specialist at the UN Women Burundi Country Office where works on the thematic areas of Women Leadership and participation, Ending Violence Against Women and Girls/Human rights, and Women Economic Empowerment/humanitarian action, with a focus on humanitarian and human rights aspects in addition to his interagency coordination role. He was previously working for Norwegian Church Aid as a Peacebuilding and Advocacy Programme Coordinator with a focus on peacebuilding and civil society strengthening, especially with faith-based organizations. He has previously also worked on peacebuilding issues in various organizations and post conflict settings including, among others,  UN Peace Operations missions such as ONUB in Burundi, UNMIS in Sudan, ONUCI in Cote d’Ivoire, MINUSMA and UNITAR in Mali in addition to his experience acquired in Ethiopia, Algeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Comoros, and DR Congo. Leonard holds a Master’s degree in conflict, peace and security (Conflictology), a postgraduate diploma in armed conflicts and crisis management both from UNITAR/Open University of Catalunya, in addition to other degrees and peacebuilding certificates. Prior to his international exposure for nearly seven years, he worked for the public sector in education. His native language is Kirundi and he is fluent in both English and French.

Rachida El Rhdioui

Program Officer, North African Policy Initiative

Rachida El Rhdioui is a global citizen and a visionary young professional who enjoys creating new realities by designing sustainable long-term projects and fostering peacebuilding efforts. She’s on a mission to equip those who are left behind – with a focus on youth and women with strategies, skills, and technology to adapt and thrive in a complex changing world. She translates her passion through her work with citizens, organizations, institutions, and governments on reducing economic equality, youth engagement, peace and security, and digital inclusion. Currently, Rachida works with the North African Policy Initiative to support strengthening participatory governance by building the research, writing, and advocacy capacity of youth in their elaboration. She is also the founder of WEEMPOWER in Global Affairs – a global organization that empowers youth in the international affairs industry by fostering international understanding, accelerating connections, improving information sharing, and increasing opportunities.  Before joining the 2024 Steering Committee for the Network’s Inclusivity Community of Practice, Rachida advised the growth and implementation of USAID’s youth digital strategy. She joined forces with CIVICUS to support grassroots organizations to receive funding and mentorship, as a Solidarity Fund Advisory Member. As an awardee of “Young Women in Peacebuilding in 2021” by UN Women Arab States, Rachida El Rhdioui joined the AGORA network on a mission to provide strategic perspectives on advocacy issues, design new ideas for advocacy campaigns and innovative methodologies to promote equality, mobilize young people and governments to make pledges in support of gender equality and assist in strengthening UN Women’s engagement with civil society. The award allows her to take part in increasing young women’s meaningful participation in political dialogues, peace processes, and their capacity to resolve local disputes. Before that, Rachida accumulated extensive knowledge on mediation from USIP, the Arab Mediation Center, and the University of Strathclyde which allowed her to strive for youth and women leadership for sustainable peace in fragile contexts in the MENA region.

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